Ink Paintings

Cai Xiaofeng


Cai Xiaofeng 蔡小楓

Bio of Artist

Born in 1958 in Xian, Shannxi Province. Cai Xiao Feng has excelled in Chinese painting since 1985. He is now a professional artist with Shaanxi’s Chinese Ink Painting Academy, council member of Shaanxi Provincial Fine Art Association, visiting professor at Xian Technology University and part-time professor at the Art Academy of Northwest University. Since 1988, he has received awards from Japan, China, and United States of America. His works have been collected in the People’s Hall of China, Chinese Military Museum, Durham University Oriental Museum in Great Britain, as well as museums in Japan and Canada. Cai Xiaofeng has many art albums published over the years, including three in Singapore (1990, 2006, 2010) and three in China ( 1998, 2007, 2010).

蔡小枫, 男, 福建省福州市人,1958年生于西安, 国家高级美术师,高级编辑. 陕西省美术家协会会员, 西安美院成教院客座教授,西安工程科技学院服装学院客座教授, 西北大学艺术学院兼职教授.

95cm x 185cm