Ink Paintings

Chen Tian


Chen Tian 陈天

Bio of Artist

Chen Tian was born in Chaozhou city, Guangdong Province and graduated from Fukuoka National University of Education, with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. He is a Director of A-one China, a Japan.Korea Artists’ Association and a member of Japan University Students Calligraphy Institute, Japan. He currently lectures at the School of Arts Design in Guangdong University of Technology.

Chen Tian believes that the yearning for change and mental stimulation and the conflicting desire for stability are all part of the complexity of human nature. He once remarked, “Through art, I am able to find human nature in its freest form. My work arises from an internal wellspring that reflects my own capacity for life.”

1970 年生,广东潮州人。毕业于日本福岗教育大学,美术教育硕士。A-one 中国/日本/韩国/美术家交流协会理事日本全国大学书道学会会员。现任教于广东工业大学艺术设计学院。

和陈天谈画,他强调绘画是“一种无聊的愉悦“,是“人生修行的一种途径“。基于他有一颗热烈的心, 并不断探索新的生活方式, 这延伸到他习画的过程里,各种形式都尝试, 有些浅尝辄止, 有些已形成他的独特风格。陈天认为求新求趣, 求变求定都是人性的一部分, 他说:“在绘画里面, 我可以找到最自由的人性, 我的作品是自身生命能量发散出来的东西。”

Blue and Black Series 6 35cm x 34cm