Oil Paintings

Choh Kok Keong


Choh Kok Keong 周国强

Bio of Artist

Born in Kedah at 1943.  He called himself a “Kampong” man,prefers to work on his most familiar subject, the village lifestyle in Kedah.Very truthfull and sincere by nature, he has a kind of dearness you can onlyfound it from someone who has a heart as simple as a kampong child, eager to show the world a piece of quaint land, the sunrise and sunset of paddy field,the joy of returning home, the beauty of seaside in northern Malaysia etc….

Master both oil and watercolour, his style is vibrant, bold and wild, but never fail to express the quiet scene with tranquility.

He has gained himself numerous recognition both local and international standard, was invited to participate in exhibition at Taiwan, China, Korea, India etc, not to mention for more than 20 exhibitions within Malaysia.

Choh is the founder of North Kedah Art Society, founder and chairman of North Malaysia Watercolour society and also the co-founder of Malaysian Watercolour Organisation.


The Return of Fishing Boat 53cm x 65cm