Oil Paintings

Gao Yujin


Gao Yujin 高玉金

Bio of Artist

Gao Yujin was born in Ling Yi City, Shandong Province, China in 1983. He enrolled in the Art Academy of Sichuan University in 2003. In August the same year, he joined Chengdu International Artists’ Village named Nongyuan – the creative base of artists from the China West. He is now under Professor Cheng Conglin for post-graduate course in oil painting. His latest series entitled “sample” is the result of artist’s perception of contemporary view of beauty. Prevailing posters advertising beauty and fashion have resulted in a huge number of young women losing “anti-body” through trimming, mixed dress and ornaments as well as avant-garde hair styles. The artist likes to put flower and beauty-conscious woman together because flowers tend to scatter disorderly and woman always show the grace. It gives rise to the feeling of drifting and void beauty. What hides behind the beauty: satisfaction? Melancholy? bewilderment?



sample series 5 - 110X150cm   2008