Ink Paintings

Jia Youfu


Jia Youfu 贾又福

Bio of Artist

Jia Youfu was born to a peasant family in Hebei Province in 1942 and graduated from the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1965. He has specialized in landscape paintings since 1976 and is a scholar artist who incorporates his vast knowledge and understanding of Chinese philosophy into his paintings. The source of his inspiration is the Taihang mountain; he has traveled to the mountain more than thirty times to observe and study them, and to gain insights of his art.

Jia Youfu’s landscape paintings represent one of the most original and satisfying directions that traditional painting is taking in China today. In his works, Jia displays superb techniques of ink-accumulating, ink-splashing and ink-splitting, thus establishing an art form and personality unique to his own. These works, the outcome of his direct confrontations with nature, represent the forefront of Chinese landscape painting yet they belie his roots in the ancient tradition of Chinese landscape art. In the general art trend of the 21st century, Jia is undoubtedly a pioneer and representive.

The CIFA, the Lion Gallery in Taipei, the Municipal Council of Macau, the Yokohama Art Museum, the Kyoto National Museum For Contemporary Art, the Singapore Art Museum, Caves Art Center in Taiwan, and Tresors 97 have all held solo art exhibitions consecutively from 1986 to 1997 for Professor Jia. In recent years, his works have also graced major international auction houses such as Christie, Sotheby and China Guardian, and have been widely published all over the world.

Professor Jia currently heads the Chinese Landscape Painting Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.


Untitled 35cm x 35cm