Oil Paintings

Von Eric Ng

Von Eric Ng

Bio of Artist

Born in 1976, Von belongs to a generation of Chinese-Filipinos often characterized by a distillation of culture, neither connected to the past nor established in an identity of their own. Himself underscored further by a youth spent growing up in the Philippines, the United States and Canada, Von’s modernist sensibilities and aesthetics were eventually integrated with his uncommon interest in Oriental culture and history, which he drew from books and movies with ancient pottery, weapons and armor, as well as his training in Kyokushin Karate. 

Characterized by intense color, influences from landscapes, and an inventive incorporation of calligraphy as texture, Von’s works most visibly convey dualities of emotion, culture and ultimately composition in its play of structure and spontaneity, boundaries and space, and forms and formlessness. In each of his works, there is consistently the fierceness of his bold, expressionistic brushwork and the wilder impressions of calligraphy against both calm and chaos—inspiring further irony in the former and heavily punctuating the latter. What ultimately and essentially comes first, however, are strong concentrations of emotions—paradoxes and passions gathered into amorphous forms and compositions that capture joy, fear, calm, anger, and other such elusive measures of the human spirit.

生于1976, 菲律宾籍华人. 成长于菲律宾,美国和加拿大,新世代的青, 画家对当代美学的敏感度, 与他对东方文化和历史的强烈兴趣是分不开的.  这一切源于他对书本, 电影和空手道的爱好, 从古陶瓷和作战机械中吸取作画的灵感.

结合了色彩的运用和书法的掌握, 画家的作品表现了他文化层面的情绪也显示他对于空间的掌握和对作画的信心. 画面笔触奔放有力, 表现情绪的起伏, 时而平静, 时而热情,其间也少不了充斥了恐惧, 安详, 愤怒和愉快的心态, 贴近人性.


Memory Lapse 92cm x 92cm