Oil Paintings

Yang Shaojun


Yang Shaojun 杨绍军

Bio of Artist

Yang Shaojun was born in Zibo, Shandong Province, China in 1974. He graduated from Art Academy of Qufu Normal University in 1995 and attained his Master Degree in Oil Painting in 2006 at the Art Academy of Sichuan University. As his tutelage Professor Cheng Conglin puts it, “His fundamental techniques are sound and he has a fine sensitivity to form.” Yang maintains that what are important for an artist are exploration, observation and experiment. He says, “I’m not willing to be too clean-cut and I try hard to lead you to experience yourselves, be it everyday life and event, or the instant that slips away at a flip of thought. I wish you to rediscover them, disintegrate them and reconstruct them. I don’t bother what you actually think.”

What an artist with philosophical depth!




160cm x 130cm