Oil Paintings

Zhao Yanan


Zhao Yanan 赵亚南

Bio of Artist

Zhao Yanan was born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China in1980. He graduated from Shijiazhuang Normal School, majoring in oil painting in 2002 and enrolled in the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing the following year. When he was still a student, many of his art pieces were selected for exhibition and were rewarded. Upon obtaining his bachelor degree in Oil Painting in 2007, he said, “The world is beautiful or corrupted because of life. On the one hand, you have girls like flowers, on the other hand, there are aeroplanes, bombs, warfare which bring about contradictory sentiment and unbridled imagination.” Zhao’s oil painting reflects the loss, suppression and hope. He said, “We are independent, looking forward to the future and love, yet destined to be lonely and cruel.” Zhao is playing the role of an emotional poet.